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6 reasons to learn with Igducation

Home or Online Tuition

Choose your preference on home tuition or online tuition

Flexible Scheduling

Depending on your preferred time, there is always a tutor who can match your schedule

Tutors Selection

Our large database of tutors will meet your learning needs

Replacement Class

Hassle-free replacement class can be arranged if you missed a class

Qualified Tutors

A good selection of tutors with years of experience and qualifications

Customized Lesson

Student-led learning and customized lesson according to your needs

Everyone can learn with Igducation

Future kid


Junior kid


Big Kid

Adults & Professionals

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    “ Kelly 老师和你分享一件事,JY 和我说他昨天在学校做数学评估 + -题目一共 5 页, 他全班最快做完。我昨天还骂他做么做那么快,一定会有粗心大意做错的。刚才他和我说他是班上唯一对完的。老师有点名奖励他。我听到也很开心和你分享一下 “


    Standard 2, SJK (C) Yuk Chai
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    “ XE 的全部成绩都进步了!他告诉我现在她不管是上课,还是说话都比之前更有信心!谢谢老师的指导! “


    Standard 3, SJK (C) Kheow Bin
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    “ I’m very happy with my son’s progress because he has shown a huge improvement in Mandarin after the first 6 months of taking your lessons. He is now more comfortable speaking to me in Mandarin. Thank you for your guidance! “


    Year 4, International School @ Park City

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Students / Parents FAQ

All payment shall be made directly to Igducation.

Yes, you can request for a trial class! All trial classes are paid classes.

Parents are advised to inform tutor at least 3 hours in advance.

If parents canceled a class, tutor will provide a replacement class instead of giving a refund.

If tutor did not show up within the first month, we will replace a new tutor for FREE!

Tutor will either extend the class in the same lesson or replace the differences another day.

This is subject to the tutor’s lesson plans but tutor will communicate in advance if there is any additional cost incurred

Yes – our tutor will customise lesson plan according to the child’s need.

We advise not to change location unless prior agreement with tutor.

The rate is based on tutor’s teaching experience and qualification.

No, tutor will pay for his / her own transportation fee.

Tutor FAQ

We welcome tutors from all backgrounds and with a passion in education.

Parent will check out your profile on Igducation and request for your lesson.

We would not recommend make changes after the booking is set.

Yes, tutor has to provide replacement classes. Tuition date and time is subject to mutual agreement between tutor and parents.

Yes, there is a monthly 5% commission on all tuition fees collected.

It is to secure tutor’s effort and payment. Igducation is in charged of all payment related matters. 

We strive to create a hassle free collaboration between parents and tutor.

Your tuition fee will be paid by Igducation.

Yes, all trial classes are paid classes.

Transportation fee is borne by the tutors.

You may refer to our price list for reference Click Here
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